Attendees to the workshop will be staying in a fully-furnished private residence for the duration of the event. We've selected a facility that has features expected for anyone staying in a residence for a week-long event, including general comfort, placement relative to retail and banking needs, access to restaurants and grocery stores, and environment.


The event is well-appointed, including a kitchen stocked with the most common amenities required for cooking and baking. A couch, recliner, and bench-seating at a dining room table are available for work, dining, and playing games or socializing. Large windows with drapes allow for adjustment of light into the home. There is enough parking for three (3) vehicles, two (2) of which are allotted for attendee use. A general set of linens is available on site for each bedspace provided by the facility for each bed. Towels for hot tub use are also provided.

Sleeping Arrangements

Three bedrooms are availble on site, two of which are private and one of which is shared, for a total of six general spaces for individuals attending the retreat to sleep in:

  • A king bedroom
  • A queen bedroom
  • Dual bunk beds in a shared bedroom, for a total of four beds. Upper bunk weight limit: 250-300 lbs. Bunk beds can accomodate persons up to 6'4".* 
* estimated measurements as per facility owner.


Attendees to the workshop can expect the following amenities available at the residence:

Outdoor Amenities

  1. hot tub (outside rear patio)
  2. deck (chairs provided)
  3. single-car garage

Indoor Amenities

  1. coffee maker
  2. washer and dryer
  3. refrigerator/freezer with ice maker and water dispenser
  4. dishwasher
  5. kitchen stocked with cookware, flatware, and drinkware
  6. combination Blu-ray/DVD player
  7. HDMI-capable television
  8. arcade games (via MAME cabinet)
  9. secured wireless Ethernet 

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