While we try to keep costs to attend reasonable, cost increases may occur to account for market changes or required adjustments. Pricing is established on a per-event basis. Our pricing for the workshop is cost-competitve when compared to some small mainsteam workshops.

The pricing below is valid only for the cycle it's labeled for.

Pricing Summary (2018-2019)

Fee Type



No Charge


USD $250


USD $200-$350

Application Fee

Applications for the retreat are accepted at no cost to the submitter. 


Attendance Fee

The cost of attending the event is US $250. The attendence fee does not include consumable supplies, food and beverages, travel expenses, incidentals, or housing. 


Housing Fee

The lodging costs vary by the amount of privacy an attendee has and are subject to variation based on the facility. In general, the specific fees below are considered accurate for the current cycle and expected venue.

The fee for a private room is US $350. The additional charge takes into account the additional privacy and space someone receives while in their own room in addition to the loss of space for another attendee, if there are multiple beds in the room.

The fee for a shared room is US $250. Should you choose a shared room, you will have an opportunity before the event to choose a roommate or roommates. Choosing roommates must be done before the event begins so we can ensure everything is in order prior to the event. Some shared rooms may accommodate up to four people, so please make sure you talk with the other attendees prior to the event!

The fee for a public space is US $200. Note that public space rooms are not preferred for the event, have little to no privacy, and reduce the amount of overall public space available to the other attendees. These spaces are generally available only on a case-by-case basis.

Lodging costs do not include consumable supplies, food and beverages, travel expenses, or other incidentals beyond what might normally be at a stay at a college dorm, hotel, or summer camp.



Because the timing for each year is different, payments are manually issued. In general, applicants offered a seat at the retreat are issued an invoice not more than thirty (30) days before the retreat. Attendees then have fourteen (14) days to make a payment on their retreat fees. 

Our current payment processor, Square, is capable of processing major credit and debit cards. Other methods of payment may only be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. 

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