The Regional Anthropomorphic Writers Retreat (RAWR), is a five-day residential writing workshop focused on helping writers of anthropomorphic fiction enhance their professional networks, confidence, and writing skills by utilizing a structured and intense experience. Focused instruction, one-on-one coaching, constructive criticism, socialization opportunities, and post-event communication are some of what the RAWR workshop experience has to offer. 

The workshop is led by Kyell Gold and Ryan Campbell. Additionally, guest lecturers may participate as time and resources permit. The guest instructor and guest lecturers are often authors, editors, or publishers from the fandom who share their insights into writing based on their experiences. From time to time, guest instructors and lecturers may also be from outside of the fandom.

While the workshop is open to writers of both long- and short-form fiction prose, due to the limited time and intense nature of the workshop, only complete short stories at or under six-thousand (6,000) words will be reviewed during the course of the workshop. Additionally, due to the nature of the content that may be submitted to or workshopped, attendees must be at least eighteen years of age to be accepted or apply to the retreat.

Due to COVID-19, events will be held virtually instead of in-person. We are working to update our current website copy to provide more details.

If you are considering applying for a future event, we invite you to learn more about our event through this website.

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