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NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the in-person event is currently suspended until further notice, but we are currently hosting RAWR6 as a virtual event.

If you have a question the website doesn't answer, please contact us via e-mail. While we do have a presence on Twitter, e-mail is considered the official correspondence channel for the event.

To ask a question, review the table below, select the recipient who closely matches your question, and send them an e-mail.

Ensure our domain is added to safe sender lists configured on e-mail or webmail clients. Failure to do so might mean correspondence we send may be flagged as spam. For Google Mail users, if additional categories are present on the recieving account (i.e. Social, Updates), our correspondence may end up filed under those categories. Be sure to check them if you're expecting something from us..

E-Mail Contact Matrix
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Technical Issues technical
Event Coordinator chandra

Comments and General Feedback
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Write-a-Thon Coordinator sparf
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