The Regional Anthropomorphic Writers Retreat is the cornerstone program for the the Association for the Promotion of Anthropomorphic Writing, Incorporated (APAW). While APAW's goal is to further the education, promote, and raise public awareness of furry writing to writers and the public, the RAWR is primarily concerned with improving the skills and confidence of furry writers.

The mission statement of the Regional Anthropomorphic Writers Retreat Is:

"To encourage quality anthropomorphic stories through focused instruction and critique, building relationships through community netwoirking, and instilling confidence through positive experiences."

The retreat fulfills this mission by:

  1. Bringing experienced furry writers to the workshop to serve as mentors and guides;

  2. Bringing candidates together for an intense writing, editing, and collaboration experience;

  3. Providing a comfortable and distraction-light place to foster like-minded individuals;

  4. Providing an inclusive environment for writers to gain confidence via honest, respectful critique;

  5. Providing an environment for candidates to challenge themselves as writers;

  6. Facilitating social growth that lasts beyond the retreat.

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