NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the in-person event is currently suspended until further notice, but we are currently hosting RAWR6 as a virtual event.

While we try to keep costs to attend reasonable, cost increases may occur to account for market changes or required adjustments. Pricing is established on a per-event basis. Our pricing for the workshop is cost-competitve when compared to some small mainsteam workshops.

The pricing below is valid only for the cycle it's labeled for.

Pricing Summary (vRAWR6 - Current)

Fee Type



No Charge


USD $135


Not Applicable


Application Fee

Applications for the retreat are accepted at no cost to the submitter. 


Attendance Fee

The cost of attending the event is US $135.


Housing Fee

Since this is a virtual event, there is no housing fee associated with virtual events.



Because the timing for each year is different, payments are manually issued. In general, applicants offered a seat at the retreat are issued an invoice not more than thirty (30) days before the retreat. Attendees then have fourteen (14) days to make a payment on their retreat fees. 

Our current payment processor, Square, is capable of processing major credit and debit cards. Other methods of payment may only be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. 

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