After filling out the form component of the application, the next part of the application process is to submit a writing sample. The writing sample is used by the review team to evaluate the applicant's technical and craft skills.

We don't expect works to be "Publishing Perfect," but we do expect that individuals have at least a basic understanding of the elements of a story, grammar, usage, and mechanics of writing.


Document Conventions and Formatting

Length: submissions should be no longer than 6,000 words.

Margins: 1" margins on all sides.

Spacing: all paragraphs should be formatted as double spaced for ease of review.

Page Numbers: all pages should be numbered, with the exception of the cover page.

Pages Per Sheet: one page (no left-right alternation; simplex output)

Headers and Footers: the header should utilize the following format (or similar):


Last Name / Submission Title / Page Number


Alkani / Shattered Core / 1

Cover Page: must be included. Should have the following information on it:

  1. Title or working title (for excerpts, this may be the chapter title)
  2. Author name
  3. Word count
  4. Type of work (complete or excerpt; for excerpts, please indicate the full title as well as page numbers)
  5. Synopsis (optional)


E-Mail Submission Guidelines

File Format: we accept submissions in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), or Microsoft Word 2013-2016 (DOCX).

File Name: please use the following naming convention when submitting files:





Note that spaces in the title should be replaced with the underscore ("_") character.

E-Mail Address: send application story submissions to application AT rawr DOT community.

E-Mail Subject: please use the following e-mail subject format when submitting your application story:




[RAWR2018] Alkani - Shattered Core

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