Over the course of the workshop's lifetime, we've had the privilege of assistance from a number of people. Listed here are the individuals who've helped make the event a success!


Kyell Gold

Kyell HeadshotKyell Gold is an award-winning author and Clarion Workshop alumnus. He is best known for the Argaea and Forester continuities, in which the stories Volle and Out of Position take place. Kyell has short stories featured in Heat (Sofawolf Press), and many "cupcake" novellas from FurPlanet, such as Winter GamesLosing My Religion, and The Time He Desires. Kyell most recently released the first book in his Calatians series, The Tower and the Fox​ (under the name Tim Susman), and is looking forward to releasing Love Match 2 ​at Furry Fiesta.

Kyell is a member of the Furry Writers Guild and has been the Guest of Honor at a number of conventions. He also participates in writing podcasts, panels at furry and science fiction conventions, and has been the recipient of many Ursa Major Awards for his works.

Explore Kyell's works on GoodreadsFurPlanet, and Sofawolf Press. You can also watch him on Twitter. Of course, don't forget to visit his website, too

Ryan Campbell

Ryan Campbells Headshot

Profile coming soon.

Explore Ryan's works on GoodreadsFurPlanet, and Sofawolf Press. You can also watch him on Twitter. Of course, don't forget to visit his website, too

Itinerant Instructors

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Alkani HeadshotAlkani is the workshop's cat of many hats. Responsible for most of the administrative functions within the workshop, he handles the day-to-day business of the event and the corporate entity behind it.* If you've had any administrative dealings with the workshop, he's probably the long-legged deercat you've interfaced with. When he's not working on the retreat, Alkani puts on a blue hat and works on midrange UNIX, Linux, and enterprise storage subsystems.

In the time that isn't consumed with work or administering the retreat, Alkani pens science fiction short stories set in the Dark Quanta continuity, a universe where furry alien species and humans have stumbled upon an ancient space-warping technology that enables long distance travel. He's also an avid fan of Guild Wars 2, MUCKs, programming, and databases. He also staffs at a few furry conventions and occassionally gives introductory-level panels on writing.

Alkani is actively developing short stories with the goal of putting together a short story collection (or shopping them out to the appropriate furry anthology) set in the Dark Quanta continuity in the future. In the meantime, he pushes the workshop forward and keeps plugging away at work and writing, in hopes that he might have the time to submit something to his writing group for review (and the appropriate MST3K-style heckling).

*Soon to be a 501(c)3 corporate entity.

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