Instruction is led by two people. In the past, Kyell Gold and Ryan Campbell have instructed. For the most recent session, we are planning on having Kyell Gold and Dayna Smith return, but this is subject to confirmation and finalization.

Instruction starts the first full day of the event. In general, the first half of each day is spent on group instruction. Attendence to morning events is required as part of the retreat. The afternoon and evening is normally personal time or for optional events.

The details of each day of the workshop are below.

In the Morning


Lectures are hour-long sessions dedicated to a topic of the instructor's choice or interest. Such topics include discussions on world-building, character development, plots, and publishing. If guest lecturers are available, they may discuss other topics, or extend an already-planned lecture.

Story Analysis

Story Analysis involves a minimum of an hour dedicated to discussing, analyzing, and examining elements of a story reading chosen for a particular day. Stories are often tied in to themes that the instructors discuss for the day or are related to stories to be critiqued for the day.

Group Critique

Instructor-led group critique sessions take up the balance of the morning. At these sessions, attendees and instructors provide feedback for three attendee-submitted stories submitted the previous evening, or if this was the first session, the stories submitted with the applications.

In the Afternoon

One-on-One Coaching

Attendees have the opportunity to converse with each of the instructors once during the course of the workshop. These one-on-one coaching sessions are private and, at most, an hour long. Attendees can discuss almost anything with the instructors, but are encouraged to ask specific questions about elements of writing or feedback from their stories.

Optional Events

As time permits, the attendees and instructors may partake in additional events to help provide some additional skills development, such as analysis, collaborative storytelling, or even just to have fun. Example events from previous retreats include a gaming night and a movie night.

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