NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the in-person event is currently suspended until further notice, but we are currently hosting RAWR6 as a virtual event.

Attendees to the workshop will be staying in a fully-furnished triple-occupancy suite at the University of Texas at Dallas for the duration of the event. The University Commons student housing facility is proximal to the dining hall, parking, and other amenties provided by the university.

For more details, visit the university's website on amenities and what to bring.

The Rooms

The six attendees will be split between two, triple-occupancy rooms. These rooms provide a general common area for the three residents of the suite. A toilet and shower are shared between the three residents. A couch in the common room is available for work, dining, and playing games or socializing. Large windows with drapes allow for adjustment of light. There is ample parking, which is available for a fee at one of the local parking lots. Linen service is provided by the University at the retreat's request. A television, refrigerator, and microwave may be available for an additional fee.

Sleeping Arrangements

Each suite contains three (3) single bedrooms, each with a twin XL mattress. Each room has a wardrobe, a desk, a chair, and a bed, along with a locking door for privacy.


Attendees to the workshop can expect the following amenities available at the residence:

Amenities (No-charge)

  1. 24-hour on-call staff
  2. secured card access to buildings and rooms
  3. WiFi internet access
  4. IP Television (streaming television)
  5. study lounges
  6. Public kitchen facilities

Recreation (No-charge)

  1. Ping pong, foosball, and pool tables located in some residence halls
  2. Courtyard areas for sitting outside
  3. Five swimming pools
  4. Sand volleyball
  5. Outdoor sports courts

For-a-Fee Amenities

  1. Microwave
  2. Refrigerator
  3. Television
  4. Parking

For-a-Fee Recreation

  1. Natatorium
  2. Fitness center
  3. Indoor sports courts
  4. Indoor climbing wall
  5. Indoor athletic fields

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